St. James St. Pius X
St. Stephen
 Knights of Columbus:  Knights of Columbus  Food Pantry:
 (Allianced with St. Pius) Roger Houthoofd, Grand Knight  Kathy Assemany
  John Stayer, Deputy Grand Knight  
Women's Club: Bernie Lorenz, Treasurer  
 Barbara Darlington, President Council of Catholic Women  
 Ann Marie Honeywell, Secretary Chris Nuttall, President  
 Sharren Engle, Treasurer Marie Brown, Secretary  
  Barb Stayer, Treasurer  

Food Pantry

(Please contact parish office)

  Prayer Chain:  

Shawl Ministry:

First Tuesday before CCW meeting

  Virginia Pitman  
  Right to Life/Pregnancy Centers:  
  Virginia Pitman  
  Yellow Ribbon Guard:  
  Mary Van Liew  
  Funeral Lunches:  
  Barb Stayer